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Adoption Trial (7days)

The 7 day trial is there to make sure that this is the perfect match before officially adopting the dog. You are able to get your own vet screening done, see if the dog is a good fit with other housemates, and get a general idea before making the full commitment. 


Apply for a dog via our online application. You do not have to "reapply" each time. If you already have been approved just shoot us an email or text to schedule a meet and greet.


Schedule a meet and greet. All our meet and greets are at WNDP in Tacoma. They can get something schedule asap. They also host a weekly adoption event if you aren't sure which dog you are interested in.


Once you are smitten on a pupper we will have you sign our contract via text link and pay the fully refundable (for 7 days) adoption donation. We highly suggest also signing up for pet insurance that will cover any unexpected medical up to 90%.  We cannot cover any medical after the week trial. We highly suggest for at least the first month of adoption.


Puppers are set to leave once paperwork is complete. We will snap a family photo to share with our rescue partners and email you all medical.

Your pupper is able to use daycare services at WNDP for free during your trial period.


If during the 7 day trial if you find the pupper is not a good fit they are able to return to WNDP. If they do not return we will assume it was the pawfect fit. Although we do love a good #pupdate and you can email us or tag us on instagram all the cuteness that is going on!

We also get pretty attached to our foster pups and would woof to still see them for daycare, boarding, or even a bath at WNDP!


  • Read our trial contract & Fill out adoption application

  • Pay the adoption donation ($600) at pick up (fully refundable for the 7 days)

  • Pre-Trial Pups: If you are placing a hold on an arriving puppy this is fully refundable after the week trial. If you back out before the trial has started it is forfeited. 

  • Some type of pet insurance, although we will provide you with all medical history we cannot guarantee the short term or long term health of a pet. We highly suggest taking the pet insurance offered through our adoption portal as it waives all waiting periods that most require.

  • Establish vet care within a month of adopting.


What's included with adoption:

  • The dog

  • The travel kennel (upon request)

  • Microchip (some dogs already come chipped prior to us chipping them, if they have our FI nano chip, this is free registration for life)

  • Free first exam at Bayview in Bremerton or Puyallup

  • Waived assessment fee at any WNDP facility + 3 month 20% discount on services 

  • Vaccine protocol : Up to Date on DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies (if old enough)


Black Dog

Medical Protocol


DHPP, Rabies (if old enough), and Bordetella will all be up to date


Most of our dogs come spayed or neutered prior to arrival. If they are still intact at adoption we do require them to be fixed within a month of adoption but this is not covered.


Most dogs are microchipped before arrival. Sometimes dogs may not have had the chance to be microchipped. We will provide you with one. We use FI Nano and comes with a lifetime registration. Some dogs are microchipped prior to seeing us and may vary on what platform you register. Most common are HomeAgain and 24Petwatch


All dogs have to show a deworming within a month of travel, occasionally we will still see worms present as they may still require another round. If you see worms in the stool during the trial we will provide a dewormer. 


If the dog has spent time at WNDP they will have received one upon arrival. If it is not noted on their medical we advise getting them one administered. 

Vet Visit:

Every dog gets a wellness exam 10 days before traveling. This is a general exam to oversee that the dog is healthy enough to be transported. It does not guarantee the health of the puppy for long term or short term.That is why we require you to establish vet care within two weeks after adoption but no longer than a month to follow their suggestions on other health protocols they would suggest. Our vet partner "Bayview Vet" in Bremerton offers a free first exam after you adopt. 

Pet Insurance

One of the leading causes for adopted dogs to be returned is unexpected medical bills. We value transparency and will share all medical that we have on your dog during your trial period. We cannot cover anything once they leave our care. We can sometimes provide dewormer or antibiotics if we have a current supply and something comes up during the trial. The most common three things trial families will see after adopting a dog is 1) GI Upset 2) Kennel Cough 3) Worms. All of which would be covered under pet insurance. 

Metlife waives all waiting periods and starts protecting your pup at midnight the night of adoption. 

You have what?

You should receive an acceptance email from us. Email us at if you haven't heard back in 3 days. 

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