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          Foster                                    Trial

Must fill out application for foster or to adopt prior to meeting pups.

This is perfect for adopters who are not ready for a lifetime commitment but still want to help dogs transition into a home environment. 


  • Read our foster contract

  • Send us lots of pictures/videos to help get them adopted

  • Must meet potential adopters within 3 days of request

  • Must keep the dog minimum two weeks or until they are adopted 

  • Can use WNDP facility for daycare 

What we can provide:

  • Food! We typically can send you with some sample bags.

  • Kennels: available upon request, sizes vary

  • Leashes/Harnesses

You know yourself best so we love for fosters to email into to when they have a pupper they would like to foster. 

The 7 day trial is there to make sure that this is the perfect match before officially adopting the dog. You are able to get your own vet screening done, see if the dog is a good fit with other housemates, and get a general idea before making the full commitment. 


  • Read our trial contract

  • Meet our adoption requirements​​​

  • Follow up with us after a week to decide 

  • Pay the adoption donation ($600)

  • If you place a hold on an arriving puppy this is fully refundable after the week trial. If you back out before the trial it is forfeited. 

Things that are included during trial:​

  • Travel Kennel: We can arrange upon request, sizes vary

  • Medical: You will be given their current medical at pick up, we cannot guarantee the short term or long term health of a pet. We highly recommend signing up for metlife pet insurance during the checkout. They waive the normal waiting periods most insurances require. Coverage starts that night.

  • Take a #happyadoptionday photo as a new fam and send to us via email or Instagram so we can share with the rescuers.

What's included with adoption:

  • The dog!

  • The travel kennel (upon request)

  • Microchip

  • Free first exam at Bayview in Bremerton.

  • Waived assessment fee at any WNDP facility

  • Vaccine protocol : Up to Date on DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies

Black Dog

Medical Protocol


DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella will all be up to date


Most of our dogs come spayed or neutered prior to arrival. If they are still intact at adoption we do require them to be fixed within a month of adoption.


Most dogs are microchipped before arrival. Sometimes dogs may not have had the chance to be microchipped. We will provide you with one. We use FI Nano and comes with a lifetime registration. Some dogs are microchipped prior to seeing us and may vary on what platform you register.


All dogs have to show a deworming within a month of travel, occasionally we will still see worms present as they may still require another round. If you see worms in the stool during the trial we will provide a dewormer.

Vet Visit:

Every dog gets a wellness exam 10 days before flying. This is a general exam to oversee that the dog is healthy enough to fly. It does not guarantee the health of the puppy for long term or short term.That is why we require you to establish vet care within two weeks after adoption to follow their suggestions on other health protocols they would suggest. Our vet partner "Bayview Vet" in Bremerton offers a free first exam after you adopt. 

You have what?

You should receive an acceptance email from us. Email us at if you haven't heard back in 3 days. 

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