We want you to make sure you find the perfect fit! If adoption is not an option for you right now, we are firm believers that it takes a "tribe" to raise a pawesome pack! Fostering is so beneficial to the dogs and is great for the soul. 

Look below for the three options that involve dogs in YOUR home


Heading 2


Heading 2


This is Tristian! He was return

Option 1:  foster a pup until they get adopted

This is perfect for if you are not ready for a lifetime commitment but still want to help dogs transition into a home environment. 


  • Read and sign our foster contract

  • Send us lots of pictures/videos to help get them adopted

  • Must meet potential adopters within 3 days of request

  • Must keep the dog minimum two weeks or until they are adopted 

  • Can use WNDP facility for daycare after the two week quarantine period for free

What we can provide:

  • Food! We have plenty to give you just have to pick it up from our Gig Harbor location

  • Kennels: most dogs will come with their own travel kennel but we do have a few metal kennels we can lend out

  • Leashes/Harnesses

5 Day Trial

Option 2:  5 days max, but can continue with option 1 after 5 days

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs this is the perfect place to start. The 5 day trial is there to make sure that this is the perfect match before officially adopting the dog


  • Read and sign our trial contract

  • Meet our adoption requirements​​

  • Follow up with us sometime between 1-5 days with your decision

Airport Pick Ups:

Most of our dogs go straight into trials the night they land. We will send you with a tracking collar, their travel kennel, and medical paperwork.

We can't hold dogs so if you are wanting to do a trial with a dog that isn't here yet you have to commit to picking them up from the airport. 

Things that are included during trial:

  • Food: We have plenty of food to give, but you must arrange a time to pick it up from our Gig Harbor location

  • Travel Kennel: Most dogs come with a travel kennel, which you can keep after adoption 

  • Tracking collar, this can be purchased after adoption but if not it must be returned to us with a week of adoption. 


Final Step

Once you have done a trial with the dog you are interested in, the last step is to make the adoption official!


  • Read and sign adoption contract

  • Pay adoption fee which is between $450-550. The adoption fee depends on where the dog is coming from and if they have been spayed or neutered yet

  • Our adoption fee is paid either through our paypal link or our venmo. You will find these at the top of the adoption contract.

  • Take a #happyadoptionday photo as a new fam and send to us via email or instagram so we can share with the rescuers.

What's included with adoption:

  • The dog!

  • If they came with a simple collar (not the FI) you can keep this, if you would like to donate it back to us we will send them back down to Mexico to be reused

  • The travel kennel

  • Microchip Registration (this is through the Fi app *if your dog has not been microchipped yet we will provide you with one.

  • One Training Session with our in house trainer (Wet Noses Training Paws)

Fi Collars:

These are not included in the adoption fee. You have the option to either pay an extra $100 to keep the fi collar and it will pay for the year subscription for the collar or you will have to return it within a week of the adoption day 


Medical Protocol


DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella will all be up to date


Most dogs come spayed or neutered. Occasionally puppies may not have had surgery. This will result in a cheaper adoption fee to help with the cost of the surgery and is required within 30 days of adoption.


Most dogs are microchipped before arrival. Sometimes dogs may not have had the chance to be microchipped. We will provide you with one. We use FI Nano and comes with a lifetime registration.


All dogs have to show a deworming within a month of travel, occasionally we will still see worms present as they may still require another round. If you see worms in the stool during the trial we will provide a dewormer.

Heartworm Test:

All dogs are tested against heartworm before flying. If they do not get the test we will contact you to schedule a test with our vet in Bremerton.

Vet Visit:

Every dog gets a wellness exam 10 days before flying. This is a general exam to oversee that the dog is healthy enough to fly. That is why we require you to establish vet care within two weeks after adoption to follow their suggestions on other health protocols they would suggest. Our vet partner "Bayview Vet" in Bremerton offers a free first exam after you adopt. 

You have what?

You will receive an email if we had decided you are a pawfect fit for the next steps.