501c3 non-profit l est 2019 l Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Bremerton

We have been rescuing dogs since early 2019. Our main goal is finding loving homes for dogs that are abandoned and mistreated. With our second goal being a kill free option for people to have for surrendering their dogs.

What better way to showcase them than in a playful, happy, loving environment with other loving dogs in our community.

Recently we have started changing things as we are looking for our pups to go into foster homes or go on 5 day trials when they arrive.

We typically fly dogs in from Mexico and Kauai and recently just started branching out with other rescues in the states. We do sometimes take in local surrenders after an assessment is done.

Year 1: 182 Dogs Adopted

Year 2: 260 Dogs Adopted

Year 3: 400 Dogs Adopted

Year 4: 600 Dogs Adopted


Starting May 1st, 2022, we require a $100 deposit for any pup that will be flying or arriving via transport. The $100 will be applied to the adoption fee should you wish to adopt. If you do not decide to adopt that fee can be applied to another pup within 90 days (up to 3 total dogs). If no match is found WNFP will absorb the deposit and use it as a boarding fee. If you change your mind or do not show up, your deposit is forfeited and will be used for boarding costs.

Our Adoptable Pups

What dogs are in our program? Most of our dogs come to us with limited information from their rescuers. (although some come with lots). We get all sorts of breeds and ages. Majority of our dogs are dog friendly and are all up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.

Who are their rescuers? Well it depends. We pull from a few small shelters in Guadalajara that are filled with adoptable dogs that were either surrendered, abandoned, or found. We also have a team of volunteers down there working on their own pulling dogs from various hoarding situations, fostering puppies they have found in fields, etc. They get them vetted and then foster them until they are ready to fly north! 

What vaccines do they come with? All our dogs go through a permitting process in order to get through customs. Currently they are requiring rabies, DHLPP, and bordetella and a dewormer. We do not do any of their vetting here as they have already been vetted prior t flying.

Download our app to see all of our adoptable pets!

All of the animals that need homes will thank you.